Surveillance and Security

Small and medium-sized business owners can now focus solely on their core operations, leaving their security concerns to us. Our comprehensive suite of security solutions – from advanced Alarm Systems and 24/7 Monitoring Services to high-definition Security Cameras and Access Control Systems – is designed to offer complete peace of mind. With our additional services in Security Lighting, Perimeter Security, and Smart Security Solutions, including Drone Surveillance and robust Vehicle Security systems, you’re assured of cutting-edge, thorough protection tailored for your business


360° Security

Techq offers a complete suite of business security solutions including advanced Alarm Systems, 24/7 Monitoring Services, high-definition Security Cameras, and Access Control Systems. We also specialize in Security Lighting, Perimeter Security, and Emergency Low Voltage Lighting, alongside modern Intercom & Communication Systems, Business Automation & Smart Security solutions, Drone Surveillance, and robust Vehicle Security systems. Trust us to provide cutting-edge, comprehensive protection for your business.

Office building entrance secured with the latest alarm system technology.

Business Alarm Systems

Designed to provide immediate alerts for unauthorized entries, our range of alarm systems acts as the first line of defense against potential intruders.

Security team monitoring business premises using multiple screens.
Monitoring Services

Offering peace of mind, our monitoring services ensure your property is watched over day and night. In case of breaches, immediate actions are taken.

High-definition security camera installed at a business facility.
Security Cameras

From indoor monitoring to external surveillance, our range of cameras caters to every business need.

Biometric access control system at a corporate office entrance.
Access Control Systems

Ensure only authorized personnel access specific areas, enhancing both security and management efficiency.

LED security lighting and emergency low-voltage lights around business perimeter.
Security Lighting & Low Voltage Emergency Lighting

A well-lit premise not only deters potential intruders but also ensures safety during emergencies.

Robust perimeter security system with motion sensors around a warehouse.
Perimeter Security

Before they get close, ensure intruders are detected and deterred with our range of perimeter security solutions.

Digital intercom system installed at a secure business entrance.
Intercom & Communication Systems

A well-lit premise not only deters potential intruders but also ensures safety during emergencies.

Smart security system interface on a tablet managing a business environment.
Business Automation & Smart Security

Merge convenience with security by adopting smart, interconnected systems, controllable remotely.

Surveillance drone flying over a corporate complex for security monitoring.
Drone Surveillance

An advanced solution for vast properties, drone surveillance offers aerial monitoring, covering more ground quickly, and reducing patrol costs.

Secure vehicle parking area at a business site with surveillance cameras.
Vehicle Security

Protecting company vehicles is as crucial as securing the premises. With our range, ensure every vehicle is safe from theft and unauthorized access.

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