Today’s IT

Whether your business is just starting out and looking for an inclusive range of practical and cost effective IT solutions, or already well established and wanting to modernize your IT infrastructure, look no further. At TecHQ, we understand technology through and through and are able to help you find the right solution for your business – today and beyond. Focus on growing your business, knowing your IT is in good hands.

Optimize your Workplace

Today, the ever-changing world of technology is becomming a bigger part of daily business operations. We ensure your business is up to date and utilizing the correct resources to maintain a secure and optimized workplace.

Cottage and Country

One thing that can put a damper on Cottage and Country living is limited or no access to things like internet or cell reception if and when you need it. We’re happy to bridge that gap for you and ensure you are connected.

Phones, Printers, and Devices

Whether you’re looking for 1 or 100+ of an item, we can make it happen. We are proudly partnered with several large vendors and are able to access the best possible hardware for our clients within your budget.

Managed IT

Be Ready For What’s Next!

In a world filled with unknowns, its more important now than ever to be proactive – this shouldn’t be an exception with your technology.

When something happens within your technology infrastructure, don’t be the last to know. Let us keep you in the loop, and keep your business covered by reducing downtime, and unexpected costs associated with hardware and software malfunctions.

Choose being proactive over reactive and take the guess work out of it. Regardless of how big or small your business is, there is a solution to fit your needs.

Unlimited Remote Support

Who doesn’t like unlimited? With each of our Managed IT Contracts, we are proud to offer our valued clients complimentary unlimited remote support.

Proactive Monitoring

When it comes to your business, we don’t like surprises. We help you stay on top of any potential issues and work with you to implement a plan in place BEFORE it becomes critical.

Surveillance And Security

Today’s IT

Whether you’re searching for cyber security to ensure personal information and your internal network cannot be accessed, or surveillance and security systems to monitor and keep your hard earned belongings and business protected; rest assured we’ve got it covered.

Take the guess work and complicated setup off your plate. Our experienced team members are able to assist in selecting quality security and monitoring products, and professional installation so you can have some added peace of mind.
Malware and Antivirus Protection

Keep your internal network and workstations secured with malware and antivirus protection. Choose to have the option of additional peace of mind with our monitoring services through Managed IT Services with the added bennefit of bundled pricing.

Monitoring Services

Kick it up a notch with our Managed IT Services. Have your network and workstations monitored 24/7 to detect, ad mitigate cyber threats in real-time.

Surveillance Systems

Keep your peace of mind. We offer quality Surveillance and Security Systems and professional installations to ensure the building retains fire barriers and structural integrity.

Consultation Services

Tailored For You

Technology is constantly changing and it can be difficult and even overwhelming to stay on top of current trends. This is where we step in to assist you in making informed decisions about your IT.

Our team of Technology Specialists will draft an ‘IT roadmap’ tailored to your business’s unique requirements and industry-specific needs. We will work with you implement these solutions, and recommend any improvements to your current IT infrastructure to keep you ahead of the game.