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Google’s Gmail Experienced Worldwide Outage

Users of the popular email service have reported both corporate and individual email users, including those at TecHQ. Google's Gmail was temporarily down across the globe this Friday afternoon for almost an hour, and they are now said to be experiencing intermittent...

10 Reasons Your Business Needs a Website

Reason #10: It’s Expected. In today's business environment, businesses are expected to have an online presence. This expectation will only increase. Reason #9: Your Website is working 24-7. Your Website works for you 24-7 with absolutely no labour costs. Reason #8:...

My Website: When I Build It, How Will They Come?

My Website: When I Build It, How Will They Come?

I recently had a discussion with a good friend of mine in one of the trades industries about the importance of having a solid online presence. This includes but is not limited to his website, Internet marketing campaigns, search engine optimization, and social media....

7 Point SEO Buyers Checklist

Companies who are in the market for search engine optimization (SEO) are faced with tough decisions about how to get the most out of their investment. All too often, optimizing a website can get overlooked because of the large amount of money that has already been...

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