Many businesses are concerned with noise because it cuts into productivity and therefore profits. While a legitimate (and ultimately resolvable) concern, sound as a distraction is a different matter altogether than sound as a privacy leak. What do you do when a leaked conversation or plan of action compromises security or puts lives at stake?

Confidentiality for Government & Military

Elected officials have the stressful job of making spur of the moment decisions that affect thousands, if not millions, of lives.

Gordon Robertson once said:

I have never believed and I do not now believe that good and effective government can be achieved with total openness and with no areas of privacy for those who have been given the constitutional responsibility to govern. There has to be a degree of confidentiality in the process of deciding and of administering that goes beyond the obvious reasons of national security and of personal privacy.

Sometimes it’s hard for the general public to understand that confidentiality is not a matter of preference, but of priority in matters of policy making and national security. We have given our elected officials not only the right, but also the constitutional responsibility to govern the best they can. As such, certain confidential matters need to be discussed outside of public hearing, which also excludes anyone outside of a need to know perimeter but still within earshot.  Often these discussions can be held in aSCIF – but often that’s not feasible.


Whether it’s a proposal, a policy, or a plan of attack, both government officials and military personnel need to have the ability to discuss such matters without whispering or looking over their shoulders. Sound masking provides the confidential privacy they need, without adding walls or visible boundaries.

Imagine you’re on an airplane, about to take off. Before the plane actually takes off, you can hear several conversations around you, whether you want to or not. However, as soon as the engine turns on and you begin to ascend, each adjacent conversation fades away, except for the one in which you are personally engaged. You know they are talking and can possibly even hear voices, but you can’t distinguish individual words or sentences.

Like the engine noise covering the conversations around you on the plane, sound masking covers confidential conversations, delivering the privacy needed for government and military personnel.


The Privacy Index

Think back to the airplane example. When the engine turned on, it wasn’t that you weren’t aware of other conversations taking place. Rather, you just couldn’t decipher what was being said. Similarly, sound masking doesn’t cancel sound. Instead, it renders speech unintelligible. Most businesses would be well-served with a Normal Privacy Index Score of 80% or above. However, in confidential matters, a PI Score of 95% is necessary.

The VoiceArrest System delivers confidential privacy.


Safeguarding confidential matters is more than just a desire- it is a necessity. Whether it’s a dream, a discussion, or a decision, some conversations are better left said, but unheard. With the precise technology of the VoiceArrest System, your business remains your business.