Could Your Backups Survive A Ransomware Attack?


More and more businesses and organizations are getting stung by ransomware demands. Hospitals, schools, social networks…some days it seems like an epidemic that leaps around arbitrarily, and hackers are raking in millions.Tallied across the word…billions. Ransomware attacks are devious in their simplicity. A user in the target business is tricked into opening a file, usually […]

What is a Smart Home?


Most homes don’t have these appliances and systems built into them, so the most common and affordable approach is for the home owner to retrofit smart products into their own finished home. There are also cases where home builders have specific requests from home owners to enable the home to be compatible with smart devices later on. We are able to assist in both cases – new and existing builds.

Essentials for Empowering Remote Work

work remotely

Distracted working from home? It’s not surprising. But your employer is likely hoping for productivity even when you’re working remotely. This informative article shares several strategies to help you focus on business. Even if your home “office” is a corner of the couch during a Teletubbies episode.

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