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Managed Services Explained

Handling your business day to day is challenging enough and managing your IT needs on top can be overwhelming. Any failures with your Network, Point of Sale or Workstations can result in work slow downs. Major failures can result in big losses of Data, Employee time and Sales. Any slow downs, system failures or losses can have a major impact on small or medium sized business.

With TechQ’s Managed Services these failures and errors can be resolved, EVEN PREVENTED. TechQ offers an individual monitoring service for the health of each System or Server allowing us to ensure your equipment performs at the peak of it’s potential. Less technology downtime means your business keeps productivity high and your customers happy.

This service is highly recommended for our clients to take full advantage of, as our monitoring is able to trace and recognize any abnormalities with your systems hardware or software. Abnormalities such as hardware failures, virus/malware/adware findings, out of date software or network issues etc. The monitoring software also provides immediate alerts of any imminent system failures. Additionally, we are able to offer unlimited remote support as part of our preventative maintenance which would allow us to assist and remedy most issues swiftly via remote access to your system, saving you money on expensive ON-Site service calls. As a result, you can rest assured your systems are always running at their full potential, saving you money and allowing you to focus on your business.

No Business is too small, Checkout the picture below for some of the benefits of TechQ Managed services!